Take advantage of proven, cost-effective approaches to save energy and lower costs over the long-term.

High performance, eco-friendly houses are undeniably the future. They recoup their costs over time, have a much reduced impact on the environment and ultimately leave you past designs looking crude and inefficient. We offer high-performance construction planning and development that includes design assistance for building owners and planners whose goal is to design and implement energy efficient equipment in their new home construction.



Our trained staff will make heavy machinery work for you.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers from the beginning of their projects, through to the very conclusion. Because of that, we own and operate a Caterpillar 314 excavator! Whilst your ideas and plans might be the theoretical foundation, excavation is what really starts the project off. Shaping terrain to your specifications is an essential step in many new builds, especially in the challenging scenery of BC.



Make your home renovation dream come true, on budget and on schedule!

We’ll oversee every aspect of your project from concept through to completion, with constant communication and follow up for any arising questions or concerns. Whether it’s adding a room, updating the kitchen, or a complete tear-down renovation, our experienced team have just the knowledge and skills you need.



From industrial buildings to retail stores, from restaurants to offices, JSTL has you covered.

In business, your setting can be just as important as your product. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an office, a restaurant or a retails tore, if people like this environment then your results are always going to be better. Make your property a place that they look forward to visiting. Our experienced team has helped construct and transform many a property, using their expertise to help create a property you can be proud of.

A personal level of care and communication you won’t find anywhere else.

Once the construction is done, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our support doesn’t end there. From recommending a brilliant cleaning service to handling all of your future needs, we like to think of a finished construction job as the start of our relationship, not the end.

Excavation services