RMOW’s Compost Facility Update

JSTL Construction was commissioned to execute a comprehensive renovation of the RMOW’s waste management facility in Callaghan Valley. The primary objective was to construct a lengthy retaining wall capable of supporting the adjacent slope’s soil and, eventually, the roof covering the area. This endeavor posed significant challenges, but JSTL Construction’s wealth of experience and expertise ensured the timely and high-quality completion of the project.

Situated alongside an exceptionally lengthy and unstable slope, the project demanded meticulous precision from JSTL Construction. Skillfully maneuvering an excavator, we adeptly adjusted the grades, ensuring the terrain was safe for the work below the slope. Moreover, as the project unfolded amidst Whistler’s rainy fall season, continuous monitoring of the slope was imperative. With the looming threat of heavy rain and early snow, our team remained vigilant, safeguarding against any potential risks that could compromise our hard work.

The excavation work for the footing encountered additional hurdles due to excessive groundwater presence. To address this challenge, we strategically installed supplementary drainage pipes. With this mitigation measure in place, we could proceed with confidence to pour the footing, marking a significant milestone in the project’s progress.

In the third phase of the project, our focus shifted to setting the foundation and constructing forms for a massive wall spanning over 100 feet in length. This formidable task also entailed erecting four sizeable columns, each measuring 4 feet in diameter. With meticulous precision, we formed the structure, ensuring every detail was executed flawlessly. Subsequently, we poured nearly 170 cubic meters of concrete, culminating in the creation of a robust and stable foundation, a testament to our commitment to excellence in construction.

Despite contending with persistent and heavy rain throughout the project’s duration, we persevered with unwavering determination. The looming threat of early snowfall added further urgency to our efforts. However, through meticulous project planning and efficient time management, we successfully navigated these challenges. Our hard work and dedication paid off as we completed the project just before the first snow settled on the ground, ensuring the successful realization of our goals despite the adversities posed by nature.