The goal of this project was to build a long retaining wall to support both the dirt from the slope next to it and eventually the roof that will cover this area. This was challenging work but we used our years of experience and expertise to ensure that the job got done.

First, we had to deal with an especially long and unstable slope. To do that, we performed some precise work with an excavator to adjust the grade and make it safer to work below. As the project was taking place in the fall, we had to actively monitor that slope as heavy rain and early snow could bring all our hard work crashing down!

Second, we excavated for the footing. To mitigate the problem presented by excessive groundwater, we continued excavation to install additional drainage pipe. Once that was complete, we poured in the footing.

The third phase was to form a huge wall that was over 100′ long, as well as 4 large columns of 4′ in diameter! Once they were formed, we poured almost 170 cubic meters of concrete in to add stability to the structure.

As this was done in the Whistler fall time, we did all this fighting against some serious rain. The threat of early snow was ever-present, but our tight project management helped us to finish everything just before the first snow that finally settled on the ground!